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June 13 2017

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A gay rights activist waves a damaged rainbow flag during gay pride in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, Florida? Or Russia? What’s the difference anymore

Florida most likely. Sure, keep Russia in your thoughts during pride month but I don’t think that is where this was taken.

The difference is… Enormous? Cultural? Legislative? Political? 
And it is trivializing the suffering Russian LGBT people endure to imply otherwise. (they have literal concentration camps!? it is illegal to say the word gay in public?!)

Here is the source of the image, taken by a Russian photographer in Russia.
It was my bad for not including it in the first place, but that doesn’t mean we can afford to imply Florida and Russia are the same places in regards to LGBT people, it is irresponsible and quite literally doesn’t make any sense and I won’t hear of it.

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People don't notice your mistakes as much as you think.

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JUNE 9: Frauenlibe/Garçonne publishes its first issue (1926)



The post-World War I era in Germany, often called the Wiemar era, was a booming time for Germany’s LGBT community. In the 1920s, there were anywhere from 90 to 100 gay bars and nightclubs in Berlin that thrived in spite of anti-gay laws, as well as whole collections of LGBT specific publications that made the rounds across German cities in spite of censorship laws. The lesbian magazine Frauenliebe was one such publication that celebrated its first issue on June 9, 1926!

Women sit around a table at The Eldorado, a lesbian bar in Berlin that came to prominence in the Wiemar-era (x).

Translate to English, “frauenliebe” means “woman love.” Weeks before the magazine officially became open to the public, the women behind the publication ran advertisements that described the magazine as “Weekly for friendship, love and sexual enlightenment.” It was the second lesbian-specific magazine to originate in Berlin at the time, with Die Freundin having been the first. Although the language we use today was not available to the women behind Frauenliebe, they made it explicit that transgender women were a part of their community and even acknowledged those trans women who had relationships with men.

1930 covers from Die Freundin and Die Intel, popular German magazines for lesbians and gay men respectively. When Frauenliebe hit the scene it joined Die Freundin as the only two lesbian publications in Germany at the time (x). 

The Berlin legal authorities had been searching for a valid reason to shut down Frauenliebe ever since its first issue and they finally succeeding in 1928. Having not been able to shut down the magazine based on its actual contents, the police finally pinpointed the magazine’s advertisements as “facilitating obscene sexual relationships” and shut it down. But not two years later, on October 15, 1930, the magazine was back with a more covert advertising campaign and a new name – Garçonne. In its new form, Garçonne published short stories, poems, news articles about the lesbian scene in Berlin, and allowed lesbians to write opinion pieces responding back to the burgeoning sexology field that was just starting to study homosexuality. Although it was produced and mainly shared around Berlin, like most gay magazines and publications in history, Garçonne eventually found its way to where it was perhaps needed the most – the more rural areas of Germany where there was no such thing as a lesbian subculture. In a 1931 issue, a reader from the small town of Görlitz writes that “this paper means everything to me.” Unfortunately, the magazine ceased publication just a year later in 1932, the same year Hitler was first elected to power.



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June 11 2017


verschwoerer: Don’t forget that what they want us to be afraid of is the least of our worries. This graph is reality.

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June 10 2017

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Terry Pratchett’s wisdom in ‘Lords and Ladies’

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thank u google thats exactly what i was looking for, not how many days she has been the prime minister of the united kingdom, her height in picometers. you can read my mind, google, its uncanny 

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if you’re a baby gay and this is your first pride, watch your drinks! men are trash across all sexualities

Can i hijack for more first pride tips?

- if someone is doing something that’d make you uncomfortable in a straight scene, let it make you uncomfortable in a gay scene. You dont have to suddenly love kissing strangers or shots in the name of community

- bring water bottles or cash to buy them bc youll be dying during parades but not want to go far

- buddy system works best if your buddy charges their phone

- sunscreen. Regardless of skin tone. Glitter intensifies the sun. (I know. Glitter burns are real.)

- seriously!! I reiterate! If youre not comfy with certain sexual or alcohol or drug related stuff, know your limits firmly before heading out. The sense of community is magic but also kinda peer pressure-y

Most prides have family safe areas or days or events - check them out if thats more your speed!

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you wanna see some badass shit from the early 20th century?? The Lumière brothers created the first full color photograph… in fucking 1903! So these dudes dyed potatoes (in red, blue, and green), mashed them down into just pure fuckin’ starch, and used these dyed potato starches as filters to block out/let in certain wavelengths of light. They coated one side of a glass plate with the starches and sensitized the other side with a mixture of gelatin and light sensitive materials (silver nitrate) and loaded these plates in their cameras.. This is a really simple explanation of the process and I may have missed some things

A few of my favorite autochrome photos:

that last one is literally a LOOK

Is that the Final Pam

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I don’t know what fantasy land Janelle Monae is queen of, but I kind of want to go there and swear allegiance to her.

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